Jo Baker

Hometown & Region: Liverpool      

Degree: Chemistry

A levels: Chemistry, Biology, Maths

Year of study: Second Year

When I’m not working I’m…

…The Environment & Ethics rep, and have spent my spare time recently creating a bike rental scheme for the JCR. I also enjoy nights out with friends, lots of ‘Sporcle’ing and watching old TV series’.

What made you choose to study at Brasenose and/or Oxford?

I applied to Oxford for the curiosity of whether or not I could get a place. I chose Brasenose without a huge amount of research because it felt welcoming and homely when I visited on my open day.

Is life in Oxford different to what you expected it to be?

Oxford is very different to what I thought it would be having not really known many people to have gone before me. Before coming for my interview I believed a lot of stereotypes of which none have been true and I have made some amazing friends here.

What do you like most about studying in Brasenose?

The best part of Brasenose for me is the people you meet and the quintessential Oxford experiences such as punting, croquet or the biannual Ball. The things that you would not get to experience anywhere else.

A quality you think is important for someone looking to study at Oxford?

That they are willing to work hard. Oxford has a lot to offer in terms of social activity and clubs but you have to be passionate about what you are going to spend the next few years of your life studying!

What are the perks of your degree?

One of the perks of chemistry is the value for money of the degree! The amount of contact hours you receive and time in labs is much more than most subjects at Oxford and a lot more than elsewhere! Also the way that each topic builds upon the last and everything clicks together.