Tom Hilton-Stevens

Hometown & Region: Weybridge, Surrey

Degree: Law

A levels: English Literature, Biology, Maths

When I’m not working…

…Most of my time is taken up by rugby or other rugby related things! I played quite seriously before coming to university so it’s been great to be able to keep playing at a good standard. I’ve played for the university u21s twice at Twickenham against Cambridge in our annual Varsity Match (we beat them in my first year…) as well as for the College team (Brasenose are the reigning Cuppers – the inter-collegiate competition – champions in both Rugby League and Sevens)! Playing a sport at university level has been a brilliant way to meet people from other colleges. Apart from playing sport, I spend my free time chilling with friends, playing FIFA to a terrible standard, complaining about fitness training, watching sport and going out (although not its most famous export, Oxford nightlife isn’t terrible…)

What made you choose to study at Brasenose and/or Oxford? (Be honest if you applied elsewhere…)

I decided to apply to Oxford foremost because of the great reputation of the law faculty and because of the content of the course (with the chance to study subjects as varied as Roman Law and Jurisprudence). I was also swayed by the opportunities to continue playing sport at a high level! Having decided to apply to Oxford, I chose Brasenose because of its location (right in the middle of town, with its stunning setting), the college’s reputation for friendliness, and because you’re able to live in college accommodation for the entirety of your undergraduate degree.

Is life in Oxford different to what you expected it to be?

Life in Oxford is pretty similar to life in any other town, except a lot prettier! There’s a really interesting mix of people at the university, and whilst I may just have been lucky in being at Brasenose (officially the friendliest college in Oxford) everyone I’ve met has been welcoming and genuine. The academic work is quite challenging, but rewarding and far more stimulating because of this – I’ve never had the opportunity to be bored! There are so many different clubs, societies and activities that it would be impossible to get involved with even a small fraction of them in your time as an undergraduate.

What do you like most about studying in Brasenose?

It is, objectively, the best college in Oxford. The food in hall is also really good, and great value!        

A quality you think is important for someone looking to study at Oxford?

The most important quality someone looking to study at Oxford (and any other university) can be possessed of is a genuine enthusiasm for their subject – having a love for your subject will stand you in good stead for the application process, university life and ultimately exams. Good self-discipline and organisation skills are also a must, as are intellectual curiosity and ability.

What are the perks of your degree?

Being able to study a subject I find fascinating in great detail, and being able to quiz experts in the field on a weekly basis in my tutorials. It’s a great privilege to be able to attend lectures by the very academics who write some of the most highly regarded textbooks and journal articles on a daily basis!